Wall Top Electric Fence Installation Services in Kenya

Wall Top Electric Fence Installation Services in Kenya

wall top electric fence installation in Kenya is the most popular fencing solution for urban dwellers. Its widely used in Nairobi and other urban areas in Kenya. Generally these fences tend to be cost effective and they run for many years without any problems.

Installing a wall-top electric fence in Kenya follows a specific set of guidelines and regulations. Here are the general steps involved in installing a wall-top electric fence:

wall top electric fence installation in Kenya steps.

  1. Consultation and Planning:
    • Contact a reputable security company or electric fence installer in Kenya. You should talk to Electric fence in Kenya
    • Discuss your security requirements and obtain a site assessment from the company.
    • Obtain necessary permits and permissions from local authorities, if required.
  2. Design and Material Selection:
    • Work with the security company to design an effective electric fence system based on your property’s layout and security needs.
    • Select appropriate materials, including energizers, wires, insulators, brackets, and other necessary components.
  3. Installation Process:
    • Prepare the wall: Clean and inspect the wall where the fence will be installed. Ensure it is structurally sound.
    • Install brackets: Secure brackets on top of the wall at regular intervals, ensuring proper spacing and alignment.
    • Mount energizer and control unit: Install the energizer and control unit in a safe and accessible location near a power source.
    • Install electric wires: Attach the electric wires to the brackets using insulators, maintaining proper tension and ensuring they are not in contact with other objects.
    • Connect wiring and ground system: Properly connect the electric wires to the energizer, control unit, and ground system as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Test the system: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the fence is functioning correctly and there are no faults or weaknesses.
  4. Signage and Safety Precautions:
    • Install warning signs at regular intervals along the fence to indicate its presence and potential danger.
    • Place appropriate warning stickers on gates or access points to inform people about the electric fence.
  5. Maintenance and Monitoring:
    • Regularly inspect the fence for any damage or faults, and promptly repair any issues.
    • Maintain vegetation around the fence to prevent it from interfering with the system.
    • Periodically check the energizer, control unit, and grounding system for proper functioning.
    • Ensure compliance with local regulations regarding electric fence usage and safety.

Wall top electric fence parting shot

It’s important to note that the installation process may vary depending on the specific requirements of your property and the recommendations of the security company or electric fence installer you choose to work with. Always consult professionals experienced in electric fence installations and adhere to local laws and guidelines.

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