Access Control System At the Best Price in Kenya

access control system price in kenya

Access Control is a method of controlling people, vehicles, stock, or any other type of movement into specific areas of a building or organisation by blocking them with barriers and granting them access through various methods of identification.

Access control is an important part of your security system because it allows you to control who and when people can enter your facilities. Without access control, your premises and staff are vulnerable to theft, data loss, and security breaches.

A few benefits of access control include:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your staff and building are safe at all times.
  • Being able to identify everyone who enters your premises and what time they come and go
  • It can be a deterrent for external forces trying to enter your building with malicious intent. Much like alarms and security cameras, access control may discourage burglars or vandalizers from entering your buildings
  • You can easily change or block user permissions, making it easy to adjust access when a staff member leaves or changes roles

Types of Access Control available in Kenya

What security systems do we offer?

Time And Attendance systems

What is time attendance system?

Time and Attendance allow an employer to have complete control over an employee’s time spent working. Giving them the ability to manage labour costs and avoid over payments by eliminating manual errors.

Installing a Time and Attendance system allows you to provide proof of attendance while also complying with labour regulations. Time and attendance systems connect access control systems to your payroll system. This allows for the accurate capture of employee movement transactions as well as the calculation of hours worked (including complex shift rules), which are then sent to time and attendance software to calculate individual employee pay slips.

This improves payroll accuracy, eliminates time theft, and reduces the administrative burden on the payroll department.

Biometric system in Kenya

Identifying or authenticating a person using unique biological traits that cannot be duplicated or lost, thereby preventing theft and fraud. This technology is appropriate for office park and high-security areas because it uses fingerprint readers or facial recognition units. Biometric technology can be used for either time recording or access control.

Biometric access control can be classified into the following types:
Fingerprint, vein, facial, palm, voice, and iris.

The most common type is a fingerprint reader. This is the process of placing a finger on a glass sensor and securely decoding the unique fingerprint to generate a corresponding number, which will then serve as your access credential.

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