structured cabling

structured cabling


This is a defined method of installing cables that guarantees the compatibility and interoperability of various systems and gadgets. Structured cabling’s objective is to make it possible to distribute telecommunications services utilizing a dependable and consistent infrastructure. This infrastructure should also be created in a way that makes future business expansion easier.

Several advantages of a well-designed structured cabling system include:

  • Lower installation and upkeep expenses.
  • Enhanced scalability and flexibility.
  • Enhanced dependability and performance.
  • Improved safety and security.

structured cabling installation

Metocus is a Nairobi-based company that specializes in fiber optic and structured cabling. We provide customized structured cabling solutions to meet your specific demands, whether you are beginning a new business or want to update your data communications infrastructure.

For more than ten years, we have provided services to homes and organizations in Kenya. Small enterprises, huge organizations, and county governments from all sectors are included in this. In hospitals, call centers, schools, banks, businesses, and offices, we have successfully upgraded or installed systems.

As one of the top structured cabling companies in Kenya, we supply and install all kinds of network cabling (Ethernet cabling) AKA cat5 cabling, cat6 cabling, and cat6a or cat7 cabling.

Network Solutions

We provide specialized services to meet the goals and financial restrictions of your business. Together, we’ll analyze your company’s requirements and create a system that perfectly complements how you run things.

Copper category 3, cat 5e, 6, and 6a cables make up structured data cabling.

Fibre optics: Work at light-speeds to increase productivity.

Experience the flexibility of a work-anywhere wireless setup with wireless networking.

Your network will be able to grow and change in the future while still meeting your current needs. This allows your business the ability to grow with little disruption and minimal disruption

We keep it simple

We guarantee to uphold our company’s motto. We will always use plain English devoid of jargon and technical words. Our goal is to encourage a wider, more comprehensive understanding of the telecommunications sector. As a result, we’ve created a vast knowledge base that contains comprehensive information about all of our services.

We also have devoted support staff who are available to address your concerns and offer you unbiased guidance. Contact us right away at 0770 366 830 / 0722302762 or via email at

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