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electric fence installation companies in kenya
About Our Company

Professional and Expert Fencing Contractor

As a leader among electric fence installation companies in Kenya, Metocus offers electric fence Installation services to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Having completed literally hundreds of installations, we take great pleasure in the caliber of our work as well as the expertise of our installation and service teams. We always aim to offer our clients and their assets the most efficient security solutions.
Why should you pick Metocus as your fence installer?
Highest level of customer service;
highly skilled personnel; 
clean, professional installations;
complete satisfaction guarantee

Electrified Fencing Information

Unquestionably, the best deterrent on the security market for keeping trespassers outside any property border is electrified fencing.
Simply put, an electrified fence energizer produces a high voltage pulse from mains or battery power and intermittently releases it onto an insulated fence line. Any animal or person that touches an exposed wire and is grounded will feel this pulse, which is sometimes referred to as the “shock”. Unless they are grounded, birds and other tiny animals that land on the wires won’t be stunned.
An electrified fence is both a physical and a psychological barrier, and while the shock may be violent and extremely painful, it is not fatal.
Why pick electrified fencing to secure the perimeter of your property?
The “shocking power” is harsh yet non-lethal, and it will dissuade any invader.
The fence can be connected to your siren, burglar alarm, or other security system(s). It fully operates even when the power is out, alerting you to any effort to enter or disarm the fence.

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+254 748 859 255 or info@metocus.co.ke​

Our History

Superior fencing Services-electric fence installation companies in Kenya

electric fence installation companies in Kenya
electric fence installation companies in Kenya
Our History

The Year 2015

Metocus was formed in the year 2015. Our mission was simple and straightforward. Offer the most professional Electric fence installation across kenya and beyond if necessary. Several years later we are proud of our achievements. View our complete electric fence, CCTV and other service portfolios here

Why Choose Us

Reasons For Choosing Us

Experienced Company

Technical experience from multiple installations.

Installation Warranty

The only company that offers a five year installation warranty.

Quality Materials

We never cut corners we dont take short cuts. We use only the best materials and the most reliable brands.

Working With The Best

Our Partners

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