Expert automatic gate installer in Kenya

automatic gate installer in kenya

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Automatic gate installer in Kenya

Metocus is a certified automatic gate installer in kenya. we install sliding or swinging automatic gate throughout Kenya. If you’re looking for a qualified gate automation specialist or consultant to install an automatic sliding gate at your home or business, you’ve come to the correct spot. From our base in Nairobi, Kenya, we are able to install automatic gates throughout Kenya.

You need not worry if this is your first time purchasing an automatic gate since our team of qualified technicians will help you in every step of the way until you get the ideal gate automation. We constantly work to offer our customers the most cost-effective autogate solution, but we never skimp on the caliber of our goods or services. That’s why Our dependable staff of skilled gate installers guarantees top-notch labor and installation services. We keep a constant eye on market costs to make sure that we are offering the best automatic gates price in kenya. Actually, our sliding gate motor price in Kenya is always the cheapest. So whether you are looking for your swing gate automation or you need automatic sliding gates in kenya, we are experts and we will offer the best gate automation solutions.

With ease, this quick gate motor can handle home gates weighing up to 250 kg. It runs on batteries and gives you up to 10 openings in the event of a power outage. It has a 2 year Centurion factory warranty and safety IR beams that may be put on auto-close.

View our fantastic discounts on our web security specialists. Call Metocus for a free site survey followed by a friendly quote, We promise you professional guidance, high-quality goods, skillful construction, reasonable pricing, and great customer support.

How much does it cost to install an electric gate in Kenya?

Automatic gates come in 2 options.

  • Automatic sliding gates
  • Swing automatic gates

The installation cost for a swing gate is considerably higher than for a sliding gate. Automatic sliding gates are much cheaper and also easier to setup.

The cost of a sliding gate installation is around Kes 125,000 inclusive of the materials and installation charges. For a swing automatic gate, tyhe cost of installation ranges from Kes. 140,000 inclusive of the gate motor, rail, beam sensors and installation charges.

Automatic swing gate

swing gate automation
An automated swing gate.

Automatic sliding gate

sliding gate automation

Do electric gates close automatically?

So how do electric gates work? The Gate motor is the heart of the automatic gate. it is responsible for opening and closing the gate. Because of this it must be powerful enough to carry the weight of the gate effortlessly. The Gate motors work by receiving signals from a controller, which directs the motor what to do. These controllers are available as small remote controls. Recently there are smart gate motors that allow you to open your gate with a smart phone app.

Can any gate be automated?

Gate motors are available in 2 options; Swing and sliding gate motors. Most gates in Kenya are also designed to open in a sliding manner or in a swing manner. So technically almost all gates can be automated. Some will require a bit of redesign to work perfectly though.

How long do automatic gates last?

Are automatic gates worth it? Electric gates are expensive to install. It would make sense to know how long they should last. 15 to 20 years! A well-designed system should last between 15 and 20 years with routine servicing and maintenance. Now that’s a worthy investment right there!

Are automatic gates hard on electricity?

When on standby, electric gates consume approximately 100 watts (w) of electricity per day. During usage, they can consume up to 700W per day. When active, their run time is limited to about 20 seconds. This means that every cycle of your gates contributes Kes 10 to your electricity cost bill.

How automatic gates work?

When it comes to improving privacy and security for homes and businesses, automatic gates are becoming a more and more popular choice. Usually, these sliding gates can be opened with a keypad, card swipe, or button push. To put it simply, the sliding gate opens by sliding along its rails when the proper code or input is entered. This is accomplished by sending an electrical signal to the gate opener motor. Entryways can also be outfitted with CCTV for extra surveillance, and the gate can be programmed so that no one can open it from the outside without authorization as an extra measure of security. In addition to offering superior security, automatic sliding gates are easy to use and low maintenance

So if automatic gates open by receiving a signal, lets answer the next obvious question…

Can automatic gates be opened manually?

If you have an Automatic Gate on your property and you lose power, you will need to use your manual release key to put your gate motor into manual mode.

The manual release key is typically included with electric gate access systems. You must locate and make use of it. Any type of gate should have a manual release mechanism to disconnect the gate from its electric motor.

What are the benefits of automatic driveway gates?

Five Advantages of Automatic Gates.

Automatic gates were once considered the privilege of the wealthy.

That is no longer the case, as an increasing number of homeowners benefit from lower prices.

So, why should you spend more money on automated gates versus manual gates?

If you have limited mobility, automatic gates appear to be a practical solution.

But what other advantages do they offer that may make them the preferred option for a wider range of homeowners?


Many people choose automatic gates for the vital security benefits they can provide.

An unlocked manual gate can be easily opened, whereas an automatic gate will only open after receiving a command from a transmitter that you normally carry with you.

Extra security measures can be added if you believe they will be beneficial.

They not only make it much more difficult to gain access to your property, but they also serve as deterrent.

The majority of burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who are unwilling to risk breaking into homes with enhanced security.

Automatic gates make it difficult to enter and leave a property without being noticed. Homeowners report feelings of increased security and confidence after installing automatic gates.


Gates, particularly larger solid driveway gates, can contribute to the overall privacy of your property. Automatic gates provide even greater privacy. No one can enter without permission, so if you don’t want to be disturbed, you can keep people outside. If you do not want to be interrupted, secure gates can be useful. It also keeps out unwanted callers, salespeople, and other door-to-door representatives who may arrive unexpectedly.When children or animals play in the garden, it helps to keep them safe and the entire space secure, which is especially useful if you live in a busy area.


If you live on a property with a non-automated driveway gate, you will recognise that familiar sinking feeling when you realise you have to get out and open yours at the end of a long drive.

You may be tired, the weather has turned bad, and all you want to do is stay indoors with a cup of tea.

With automatic gates, you can stay warm and dry in your car while the gates open with the push of a button on your transmitter and safely close behind you once your vehicle has passed through.

If you usually lock your gates, you won’t have to worry about fumbling with keys or security codes in the dark.

Not only is it easier to open and close the gates, but there is no risk of leaving them unlocked.

They will lock securely behind you once you have given them the command to close.

This added convenience has long been valued by people with mobility issues, but it is not limited to those who struggle to get in and out of their cars or open and close their gates.

This added convenience is ideal for almost anyone, making life easier while increasing the security of your property.

Aesthetic appeal

Everyone wants their property to look good, and automatic gates help them do just that.

They have a real aesthetic ‘wow factor’ that improves the overall appeal of your home.

The gates you choose can enhance your home and garden by offering a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes.

The right gate enhances the overall ambiance of your home; a well-chosen example is frequently the finishing touch to a home and garden.

Despite their high levels of functionality and associated benefits, automated gates do not have to be solely utilitarian.

Automatic gates are distinguished by their striking aesthetic appeal as well as their high levels of security, convenience, and privacy.

Can you install an automatic gate yourself?

I know you love those DIY challenges and the thrill once you do it successfully! but automatic gate installation is a bit more complex than that. Installation requires a variety of skills from metal fabrication, welding skills and good electricity technical skills. For any gate installation you will need an electrician, a skilled welder and the technician who finally programs the gate. an attempt at DIY installation could end up badly and turn out to be costly in terms of repairs. That’s why we recommend you let us handle the installation for you.

Expert Automatic gate installer in kenya

We offer professional gate motor installation services in Kenya including sliding gate motors, automatic gate opening and closing system, swing gate motors, underground gate motors, solar-powered gate motor systems and more. Get a friendly Gate Motor Installation Quotation for your property today. Converting your gate from a manual gate to an electric or automatic gate is worth every shilling of the automatic gate installation cost.

Gate Automation Services

As a reliable automatic gate installer in kenya, we are experts in Gate automation services for Homes & Businesses. We have been automating swing and sliding gates since 2015. In that period we have done slightly over a 100 gates. The experience gained gives us the confidence to setup your gate professionally.

Our technicians only use the best automatic gate opening and closing system; Centurion sliding gate motor by centurion systems, South Africa.

automatic gate installer in kenya

Our Electric Gate installation Process

  • Site Survey: We can gather the client’s and the site’s requirements through a site evaluation. This helps our technicians understand what is required of them.
  • Automatic Gate Installation & related construction works.
  • Handing Over. You as the client will confirm that our installation is to your satisfaction.
  • Warranty, Support & Maintenance. Let the gate work for you with confidence knowing that we have got your back in case of any technical issues. All installations of automatic gate systems in Kenya have a 1 year warranty.

Talk to us for our best Swing gate automation price. We will do a site visit followed by a pocket friendly quotation for our installation service. We also have the most affordable Automatic sliding gate machine price in kenya.

Our technicians are also experts in Electric fence installation in Kenya and burglar alarm system installation

View our Automatic gate video on youtube to see how an automatic gate works.

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