Solar powered electric fence

solar-powered electric fence

A solar-powered electric fence is a type of fence that uses solar energy to power the electric charge, providing an effective means of containing animals or securing a perimeter. The fence typically consists of wires or conductive materials that are connected to a solar panel, an energizer, and a battery.

Components of a Solar powered electric fence

  • Battery
  • Charge control unit (CCU)
  • Electric Fence Energizer
  • Fence voltage alarm (FVAL)
  • Solar panels

Here’s how a solar-powered,electric fence generally works:

  1. Solar Panel: Sunlight is captured by the solar panel. Its then transformed into electrical energy. Solar panels are typically hung in a place where they get enough sunlight all day long.
  2. Battery: TThe electrical energy produced by the solar panel is stored in a rechargeable battery that is attached to the solar panel. Even when there is little or no sunlight, the battery ensures that the electric fence will always have power.
  3. Energizer: The electric fence system’s brain is the energizer. It produces high-voltage electrical pulses while being powered by the battery. These pulses are transmitted through the fence’s wires or other conductive components.
  4. Fence Wires: The area to be confined is surrounded with wires or other conductive materials. Depending on the species of animals or the desired level of security, they are spaced apart and convey the electric charge. Animals are deterred from trying to cross the fence by the safe but lasting electric shock they receive when they come into touch with the charged wires
  5. Proper grounding is necessary for an electric fence to function effectively. Installed in the ground and attached to the energizer are grounding rods or plates. This completes the electrical circuit and guarantees that an animal will receive an electric shock when it contacts the fence.
  6. Electric fences that run on solar power frequently incorporate voltage regulation features to control the intensity of the electric charge. This enables the owner of the fence to regulate the shock’s intensity and modify it to accommodate various animal sizes and behaviors.
Solar powered electric fence

The solar-powered electric fence offers several advantages. It is environmentally friendly as it utilizes renewable solar energy. It can be installed in remote locations without access to traditional power sources. Additionally, it eliminates the need for constant battery replacement or reliance on grid electricity.

When considering a solar-powered electric fence, it’s essential to ensure that the solar panel is properly sized to provide sufficient power for the energizer and that the battery has adequate capacity to store energy for nighttime or low-light conditions. It’s also important to follow local regulations and safety guidelines for the installation and use of electric fences.

Features of a Solar powered electric fence

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Highly reliable as it functions irrespective of grid failure
  • No physical harm caused to human beings or animals
  • Cost-effective
  • Makes use of renewable solar energy
  • Generally, comes with a centralized alarm system
  • Conformity with national and international safety standards

solar electric fence installation

Areas of application

  • Solar fencing can be utilized in a variety of settings, including: Domestic applications, such as at residential dwellings
  • industrial uses, such as those found in factories
  • applications for agriculture, such as in farms and forests
  • Zoos & Parks
  • police stations and military installations
  • hospitals and schools

Benefits of solar fencing over conventional or electric fencing

  • Simple to build and maintain
  • Low price because it is not dependent on grid supply Does not result in catastrophic injuries
  • being able to be moved, expanded, modified, and reerected from one location to another without wasting labor or resources
  • due to the lack of physical stresses that would cause wear and tear, it has a long lifespan.

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