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electric fence installation in kenya

Electric fence installation cost

Metocus is an Electric fence installation company in Kenya.

We handle all your fencing needs professionally including choosing the right electric fence that matches your requirements for electric fence installation.

We have been in the electric fence installation industry since 2011. There is no doubt that we can help with all your electric fencing needs.

As experts, we offer the best electric fence installation prices in kenya. Our Electric fence installation cost in kenya are pocket friendly.

Electric fence installation in Kenya

electric fence installation in Kenya is basically a great way to keep your property safe and secure. However, it’s important to understand the costs associated with such a project before you commit to it. Therefore, In this article, we will discuss how to determine the final price of an electric fence installation. The factors involved. Additionally, we will explore potential savings that you can make if you choose a competent electric fence installer. Finally, we’ll provide some tips on how to find a reliable and experienced installer for your project.

An energizer machine powers several (mostly 8) strands of wire that make up an electric fence. Overall, the energiser creates intermittent electronic pulses of up to 10,000 volts. When touched, this wires deliver some high voltage shock which is painful but none lethal unless the intruder is entangled. Some of the best and most reliable energizers are hammer electric fence energizer from South Africa. It has the advantage of being affordable and very reliable. Its limited in that it can’t be used for big fences. Gallagher electric fence energizer and Nemtek electric fence energizers are from New Zealand. These are ideal for electric fence installations that span many kilometers like game parks.

Electric fence is considered a first line of defence in a typical security setup. It creates a physical barrier that triggers an alarm and delivers a 10,000-volt shock when touched. It also has an alarm system. The electric fence registers an alarm by monitoring the return voltage to the energizer. When the fence voltage drop below a pre-set value the alarm is triggered. This can be from the wires being cut or blankets thrown over the fence.

Electric Fence Energizer. Solar powered energizer or electric fence nairobi

In most cases, with electric fence nairobi, electric fence installation cost is a major decision for most homeowners. Consequently, Most clients will hire any technician who will do the job. Unfortunately, they will not bother to know their qualification or experience. This is the wrong approach. Whenever possible, always go for a professional fencing company. One that can offer you professional electric fence installation with all the necessary waranties on the installation. A professional company will determine and install the appropriate electric fence energizer that can power your fence effectively. An electric fence energizer is a device that takes in electrical energy from an outside source pushes the energy out in very brief, high-voltage, high-amperage pulses. The negative ground terminal absorbs any excess pulse energy back into the energizer.

Lately solar electric fence setups are becoming very popular.  This is especially good in areas where good sunshine is available for long hours per day. Although the initial setup costs may be high, solar powered electric fence will ultimately prove cheaper in the long run.

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Why Choose an electric fence installation?

Although electric fence price in Kenya can sometimes be high, an electric fence is a great security investment. It offers many benefits.

Deter would be intruders with durable electric fencing that can withstand even the harshest weather elements.  

Metocus is a professional Electric fence installation company in Nairobi Kenya. Furthermore, We are one of the most able fencing companies in Kenya offering electric fence installation service. At Metocus we also supply all kinds of electric fencing materials.  We are one of the most reliable fence installation companies in Kenya. We have undertaken and completed multiple fencing projects for farms, private ranches as well as residential homes. Our service includes install, repair, maintain and service all types of Electric Fences installations and Razor Wire Fence in Kenya. Our cost of electric fence is affordable and effective.

Types of fences in Kenya: What we Offer

Wall Top Electric Fences

electric fence installation cost

We build a Wall top electric fence on top of an existing wall. Its the most common type of electric fence and is very popular with residential places.

Wall top electric fencing is one of the most popular electric fence installations.  Literally, it means to be atop a wall. Since it is just atop your current structure, it is still the most useful and economical system. You can witness this being employed on a variety of different locations, mostly as private residences. Estates, building complexes, office parks, industrial units, and areas, just by driving down the road.

Free Standing Electric Fences

electric fence installation cost

We construct a type of Electric Fence from the ground up to a certain height to prevent intrusion. We can also use it in conjunction with barbed wire or chain link fencing.

Farm Fences

This type of electric fence designed to keep farm animals, crops and machinery secure. Secure from animal attacks, human intrusion and theft.  These Electric Fences are  ideal for ranches, huge farms and big agricultural developments. In addition, they are also ideal for use with existing fences.

Game Fencing

Its an Electric Fence designed purposely to contain wildlife in game parks, ranches and private conservancies. This greatly reduces intrusion into the park by cattle and humans. Ideal for reducing human-wildlife conflict.

Electric fence installation diagram

So what are the installation steps for an electric fence? The following info-graphic summarizes the steps clearly.

Electric fence installation diagram

Our electric fence installation cost. How much is electric fence per meter in Kenya?

For wall-top electric fencing, we normally charge from between Kshs 700- Kshs 900 per linear meter. We charge from a low of 1000 to 2000 shillings per meter, For Free standing electric fences. Even so compared to our competitors, our electric fence price in Kenya is based on the total perimeter of the land.

At Metocus we have good experience in installing high quality electric fences in Kenya. From home electric fences, solar electric fence to huge conservancy electric fences. Our team will deliver a working rust free electric fence solution in Kenya that will serve you for many years. We can install countrywide from our base in Nairobi.

electric fence price in kenya

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We have managed to complete hundreds of fencing projects across Kenya. View our complete electric fence installations.

Please contact us for the best electric fence price in kenya. We will be happy to give you a no-obligation electric fence quotation.

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Electric fence installation prices in kenya

Like we have said earlier prices are determined by perimeter of the land.

Electric fence installation in Kenya

Electric fence installation prices in kenya are dependent on the perimeter of the land. Other factors include the complexity of the electric fence design.

Our electric fence installation steps

We start off with a site visit. This helps us understand what you want exactly. Consequently we send you a quotation of the work and our timelines. Upon agreement our team will then commence work. Once completed, we then hand over the project to you.

Electric fence installation on a 50 by 100 price

This is one of the most common land sizes in Kenya. Currently in 2023, the installation cost is roughly Kes 100,000. This cost can vary depending on the complexity of the site. Distance from Nairobi also plays a role in the total cost.

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