Clear View Fence in Kenya By the Fencing Experts.

clearvu fence kenya
clearvu fence kenya

Unquestionable security solution

As of right now, Clear View Fence is thought to be the most advanced engineered high-security fencing on the market. As a leader in the industry, Clear View Fence has become well-known for producing high-grade mesh fencing. Each of our products has undergone extensive testing to ensure its durability and resilience to the weather. There are no lead times as we have the stock available for order.

Clearvu fence in Kenya – Innovative

The Clear View Fence is renowned for being anti-climb, anti-cut, and CCTV-optimized for improved views of the security border fencing on the other side. With our products’ eye-catching designs and ong

oing development, we hope to provide the highest calibre Clear View Fence solution that is tailored to your requirements. Get in touch with us right now to get protected—the sooner, the better.

“A top provider of fencing and a continuous innovator of the newest Clear View fence barrier.”

Clearview Fencing Prices

Want to modernise the fencing around your perimeter? Maximum protection for your residence or place of business is provided by Clearview fencing, commonly referred to as Clearview.

Depending on the materials used, the height of the fence, extras, and security level, high-quality Clearview fencing can cost anywhere from R750 to R1800+ per metre, not including installation.

Here is a helpful pricing guide for Clearview fencing:

Clear view fence kenya prices

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